The woman chuckled, her hand being held into of her mouth as she eyed him. Of course she knew what he meant, not every summoner was the brightest of the bunch.

“Ah come now Dariusss, you speak such vile words about them. I’m sure theres at least a few you have come to like during your time here~”

Cassiopeia grinned and nodded. It was sad to know he wasn’t one for festivals, the provided so much entertainment and information! A soft sigh left her lips as she drew a finger across her lips to rest on her cheek while the rest curled under her chin.

“Come now there must be something you enjoy, besides killing that issss. I’m sure even the mighty hand of Noxus likes to enjoy himself. Your brother seems to know what it means rather well…or is it you’re just shy around the people during such thingsss?”

Darius simply rolled his eyes. Liking summoners? Please…

It’s more akin to simply enduring, Ducouteau…enduring and not being able to exercise my own powers off the Fields of Justice. As much as some summoners need display of discipline and made an example out of, the paperwork would most likely be nowhere near worth it.

He rubbed the edge of the axe’s keen edge with a finger in quiet reflection for a few moments, calming his nerves.

Admittedly there are a few summoners who make the job considerably less…tiresome. But they are still lackeys of the Institute in the end. As for the celebrations, even my brother can tell you I was always staying off to the sides while he stole the light. I didn’t mind. I was never one for flashy shows and such. You should know, you were there at High General Swain’s coronation, as well as the…duel he had prior to it.

The general gave a wicked grin as he remembered the challenge Swain had set forth to gain his new position, and the aftermath he had taken part in as well. The swing of his blade, the satisfying sound of steel running through flesh and bone, the dull thud of a bouncing head…

No…I prefer the…simplicity of some things. Never did have a real reason for pomp and flash, at least not yet.